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 Saturday, August 29, 2015


The committees of SVN will serve as the main operational body for the planning and execution of the activities of the Society.  A subcommittee may be established under the authority of the committee if a smaller group is needed to conduct a specific committee activity.  The subcommittee chair reports to the chair of the parent committee. The Committee Chair will work with the SVN Board to identify a Chair-Elect or successor. SVN members shall serve on one committee at a time. Committee members shall reflect the broad interest and expertise of the SVN membership.

Task forces may be appointed by the board to accomplish a specific activity; this is limited in authority to the scope of the charge and can be dissolved by the Board at any time.  A task force reports directly to the board through the task force chair.

Individuals or a group of individuals may be identified to work on special projects on behalf of the Society.