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 Monday, August 31, 2015


Practical Tips to Starting a Journal Club

Are you interested in gathering a group of individuals that meet to discuss and critique research that appears in professional journals? The SVN has compiled a list of guidelines to get you started.

SVN Research Grant: Funding is available for project/research support in the field of vascular nursing through the SVN for a registered profession nurse who has been a member in good standings of the SVN for at least one year prior to the awarding of any funds. In addition to the application a detailed research proposal of the project must be submitted.

1. Processes to increase public awareness of signs and symptoms of vascular disease and/or lifestyle modifications used to reduce risk of vascular disease development.
2. Strategies to increase public awareness of stroke warning signs.
3. Methods to increase public awareness on the vascular adverse effects of uncontrolled diabetes.
4. Concepts to increase early detection and treatment of vascular disease.
5. Practices to prevent amputation in high risk vascular populations
6. Outcomes of patients cared for on a dedicated vascular unit vs. a medical-surgical unit.
7. Approaches to manage chronic ischemic pain.
8. Methods to reduce healthcare costs and length of stay while improving outcomes.
9. Techniques to prevent, identify and treat ulcers related to peripheral vascular disease.
10. Processes to increase  compliance with diet, exercise, and glucose control in vascular patients with diabetes.
11. Strategies to prevent wound and surgical site infections.             
12. Outcomes of nurse-run clinics as they relate to the vascular patient population.
13. Effect of exercise on functional status in patients with peripheral vascular disease.
14. Nursing approaches to facilitate recovery of the vascular surgical patient in the perioperative period.
15. Factors that affect patient outcomes after major vascular procedures.
16. Prevention of readmissions in high risk vascular patients.
17. Measures to prevent venous thromboembolism in high risk patients.
18. Factors influencing nursing competency in the care of the vascular patient.