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 Wednesday, September 2, 2015


Vascular Resource Links

General Vascular Sites - About PAD sites - Fibromuscular Dysplasia Society of America - Peripheral and Arterial Disease (PAD) Coalition - Peripheral Vascular Surgery Society - Society of Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiology - Society for Vascular Medicine (formerly the Society for Vascular Medicine & Biology) - SVN ABI Registry Site -- Society for Vascular Surgery - Society for Vascular Ultrasound - Vascular Disease Foundation - American Venous Forum

Amputations The National Amputation Foundation (NAF) has for over 80 years been offering valuable assistance to veterans of World War I, II, Korea, the Vietnam Conflict, Desert Storm and Iraqi Freedom. To reach out to people with limb loss and to empower them through education, support and advocacy. It is our mission to disseminate timely and useful information, to perform charitable services, and to conduct research to enhance productivity and quality of life for amputees in America.

End of Life Information A campaign to improve end-of-life care by a coalition of professional and consumer organizations. TNEEL is an innovative, easy-to-access, teacher/learner-friendly package of electronic tools for palliative care education. The End-of-Life Nursing Education Consortium (ELNEC) project is a comprehensive, national education program to improve end-of-life care by nurses, and is funded by a major grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Evidenced-Based Medicine The Duke University Web site.

General Guides to Nursing Information Find Nursing Schools and Degree Programs
mastersinnursing Online Masters in Nursing Directory
MSN Nursing Programs - MSN Programs Online Center for Nursing Advocacy. A nurse practitioner support site. A marketplace for industry professionals. - Nursing schools directory and career guide - Nursing Scholarships Guide to Governmental Nursing Resources Nursing Education Resources Directory of Nationally and Regionally Accredited Institutions
rntobsnonlineprograms RN -> BSN programs Directory

acceleratednursingprograms Accelerated Nursing Programs - Career resource for nurses searching for positions in travel nursing

General Guide for Medical Information There is a fee for service required from this site (with the first ten days free. This site is a resource for books, journals, practice guidelines, patient information and drug information. The American Heart Association Web site. The Website of the Annals of Internal Medicine. Cambridge Research Center Treatment Strategies – Interventional Cardiology Treatment Strategies – Cardiology

Geriatric Links Adminstration on Aging Alzheimer's Association American Association of Retired Persons Andrus Gerontology Center ElderWeb Fastats Evidence Based On-line Resource (formerly Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing Journal of Gerontological Nursing National Gerontological Nursing Association Texas Consortium of Geriatric Education Centers

Vascular Disease Information An Internet information source from Aventis on identifying and preventing Deep Vein Thrombisis The Web site of the Coalition to prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis Preventative Cardiovascular Nurses Association North American Thrombosis Forum National Blood Clot Alliance

Patient Information A site where the patient can conduct a search for specific medical problems and treatments. or These are links to the American Academy of Family Physicians.
ASPMN Position Statement on Pain Management in Patients with Addictive Disease. Found on the ASPMN Web site.
The Health Gazette Web Site


ANCC The Administrator of the Vascular Nursing Certification Exam.

Government Sites The Web site for the Centers for Disease Control. Here you can find publications, products, information concerning diseases and health risks, and prevention guidelines and strategies.
U.S. Food and Drug Administration The Web site of the Nation's Foremost consumer Protection Agency.
National Cancer Institute The Web site of the International Cancer Information Center.
National Institutes of Health Your connection to the NIH home page and on personnel information, images, scientific directories, etc.
National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke Check here for updated information about discoveries and current research in neuroscience; news releases, funding information, clinical trialscms. The Web site of the Health Care Financing Administration. There is patient and clinician information concerning Medicare & Medicaid regulations, reporting and fraud. The Web site of the Department of Health and Human Services Consumer Health Information Division. Fighting for Smokefree Air A service of the National Library of Medicine/National Institute of Health providing information and links on health topics, drug information, dictionaries, directories, and other resources (including MEDLINE). MEDLINE is the National Library of Medicine's database of references to more than 11 million articles published in 4300 biomedical journals.

Military Educational Resources

The US Service Member's Guide to Academic Programs and Aid - Military branches and non-profits provide active duty service members, veterans, and their family member with ample funding opportunities for college.
Higher Education Resources for Veterans and Their Families
Accredited Schools Online resource for veterans  focuses on  accreditation,
veterans support  needs, online learning options, and  financial assistance
for veterans.
Affordable Colleges Online Veterans Education  Resources page contains
information,  resources, and expert advice on the GI Bill, Yellow  Ribbon
Program, and scholarships and grants  for those who served.

Diabetes Information The Web site of the American Diabetes Association. The Web site of the Diabetes Action Research and Education Foundation. This site focuses on nutritional therapies.
Patient Information Documents on Diabetes This Government site provides an overview, a dictionary, list of organizations, statistics, etc. This Web site is a patient education & clinical resource. This Web site is an excellent source of patient education.

Pharmacologic Information This Web site provides general pharmacologic information for nurses. The American Pharmacists Association Web site is another site that is a useful general information and patient education resource. This Web site provides patient information on drugs and healthcare. This Web site is an extensive resource for pharmacologic information. (Type Pharmacology in the search box)

Journals and Reference Books

Journal of Vascular Nursing The page on the Elsevier website with information on the journal. Lippincott Publisher's Web site with forums, journals and many full text articles (AJN & Nursing 2001), as well as Continuing Education. Elsevier Publisher's Web site for books and other publications.
Scope & Standards of Vascular Nursing Practice This book describes the specialty's practice characteristics, settings from acute care to community care, and roles along with education and certification requirements

Alternative Therapies A Web site with patient and industry information.

Industry Resources The American Hospital Directory.

Coalition for Patients Rights