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 Sunday, August 30, 2015


Requirements for Establishing SVN Chapters

  • A sincere interest and enthusiasm on the part of the SVN members to establish a chapter.
  • A minimum of five individuals (all must be SVN members) are needed to start a chapter.  Non-SVN members are welcome to participate but are not eligible to vote or hold office.
  • Chapters must be financially independent (See “Chapter Start Up Information” on how to achieve this). Each chapter can set its own membership dues as necessary.
  • Chapters will select a name that includes “SVN” in the title, and develop local bylaws based on model bylaws that the national organization will provide for local chapters to adopt/adapt. Chapters have autonomy with respect to their mission, goals, objectives, and activities as long as there is no conflict with the national organization’s mission, goals, objectives, and activities.
  • Chapters will pay an application fee of $60.00 to the National Office; a plaque and certificate will be given to each chapter. Chapters will pay an annual renewal fee of $30.00 to help offset postage and miscellaneous costs.