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 Wednesday, May 27, 2015


Time for Celebration!!!!

Be sure to recognize Vascular Nurses in your hospital, clinic or office setting for their contributions to Excellence in Vascular Care. Remember to also include Endovascular Lab, Surgery, Wound Clinic, Radiology Dept. and Nurse Educators as well as our inpatient Vascular Unit Nurses. Great ideas from our Marketing and Member Recognition Committee can be found under the Career and Networking Tab. Have a great week and be sure to share your success stories with us!

How to Celebrate

  • Form a local Vascular Nurses Week Planning Committee.  Members of the Committee do not necessarily have to be from the same facility.  If possible, solicit volunteers from several local facilities.
  • Designate a media liaison from the Planning Committee.  This individual will be responsible for notifying the news media of the planned activities.  This individual should be willing to discuss current issues with the media, write press releases, and send thank you letters (e.g., mayor thanking him/her for proclamation, officials attending reception, media).

Suggested Activities for Vascular Nurses Week

  • Print out this document to make a tri-fold flyer to hand out to your vascular nurses
  • SVN Wordsearch - See how many words you can make from the word search letters
  • Obtain a proclamation from the mayor of your town proclaiming the second week of June as National Vascular Nurses Week.
  • Develop a calendar of events.
  • Plan to honor your colleagues with a recognition award (certificate or plaque).
  • Solicit nominations for a special recognition and present the nominee with a plaque during a reception or dinner.
  • Plan a special celebration lunch to network with your colleagues.
  • Design a special poster that highlights the role of the vascular nurse and display at local hospitals or libraries.
  • Invite local government officials to planned events.
  • Write articles or letters to the editor about current nursing or healthcare topics affecting patients with vascular diseases.
  • Ask local radio stations to make announcements during National Vascular Nurses Week.
  • Use TV, radio, and newspaper community bulletin boards to announce your activities.