Nominations are being sought for the following SVN Officer and Director seats:
• President Elect (requires prior SVN board participation)
• Treasurer (requires prior SVN board participation)
• Director (1)

Nominate yourself or another SVN member who has the potential to be a leader for a position on the Board of Directors for SVN. If you have already served as a Director, you would qualify for the position of Treasurer or President-Elect. You are needed!

Please review the position descriptions and requirements to understand what is expected throughout the year with regards to meetings & conference calls, etc.

Duties & Responsibilities

New Board members are expected to:

  • Participate in monthly Board of Directors’ conference calls throughout the year
  • Participate in conference calls for the committee or task force assigned to as liaison
  • Attend a two day face-to-face mid-year board meeting in the fall (October 2020)
  • Attend the pre-Annual Conference Board Meeting and attend the Annual Conference

The President-Elect shall be elected each year for a commitment of three years in office (one year as President-Elect, one year as President and one year as Immediate Past President). The President Elect shall fulfill duties in the absence of the President, monitor committee activities directly or delegate such responsibility to one or more Directors, and perform such other duties as prescribed by the Board of Directors or as delegated by the President.


The functions of the Treasurer shall be to review and monitor finances of the Society, to present written reports of the financial status of the Society at meetings of the Board of Directors and at the Annual Business Meeting, and to perform other such duties as assigned.

Directors shall hold office for two years with two Directors elected in alternating years. Their duties shall be to provide facilitation to committees and task forces of the Society, serve on task forces as requested by the Board of Directors, and any other duties as assigned.