Society for Vascular Nursing Committees

The committees of SVN serve as the main operational body for the planning and execution of the activities of the Society. Consider volunteering to serve on a committee. To get involved, contact the Committee Chair, Board Liaison or Joanna Bronson.

Society for Vascular Nursing Task Forces

Task forces may be appointed by the board to accomplish a specific activity; this is limited in authority to the scope of the charge and can be dissolved by the board at any time. A task force reports directly to the board through the task force chair.

Convention Planning Committee

Committee Strategic Priority: To plan and execute an annual vascular nursing convention
Strategic Objectives: Develop and utilize guidelines for convention planning; Implement and evaluate mechanisms to ensure high quality, diverse presentations

Committee Roster

Co-Chairs: Patty Bozeman and Jeanne Doyle
Liz Brown-Milan
Craig Cardel
Jayme Ferguson-Foy
Kris Hallisey
Sue Monaro
Eileen Walsh

Board Liaison: Kristen Alix
Board Sponsorship: Anita Puthuparampil-Suchdeve

Education Committee

Committee Strategic Priority: To provide quality education
Strategic Objectives: Develop and publish online educational programs; Develop strategies to implement vascular content into nursing curriculum; Develop a process to review and maintain established education programs, such as Certification and PAD/ABI Training; Facilitate publications relative to vascular nursing education and educational activities

Committee Roster

Co-Chairs: Diane Voeller and Shirley Hutchins
Elmira Asongwed
Cami Bahr
Sharon Brooks
Danielle Delafuente
Dawn Hoosier-Paty
Monica Melo

Board Liaison: Chris Owen

Membership Committee

Committee Strategic Priority: Promote, market and recognize SVN and its members
Strategic Objectives: Develop a marketing plan to promote SVN to all healthcare providers, organizations, industry and public; Promote recognition of SVN Awards and member accomplishment; Investigate and review processes to include; Membership promotion activities;   Membership application process; Provision of new member material;   Renewal reminder practices and renewal confirmation; Follow-up process for non-renewals

Committee Roster

Chair: Sandra Roberts
Vickie Beach
Miriam Brainard
Keith Ware

Board Liaison: Tiffany Street

Nominating Committee

Committee Strategic Priority: To ensure continuity of leadership on the SVN Board of Directors
Strategic Objectives: Organize and conduct annual election as outlined in SVN Policies & Procedures and SVN Bylaws

Committee Roster

Chair and Board Liaison:  Phyllis Gordon
Marge Lovell

Practice and Research Committee

Committee Strategic Priority: Promote evidence-based vascular nursing practice
Committee Strategic Objectives: Provide current evidence-based vascular nursing clinical practice guidelines (CPG); Identify vascular nursing experts; Facilitate publication of vascular practice & research;  Promote research of vascular disease and vascular nursing practice

Committee Roster

Chair: Diane Treat-Jacobson
Nicole Bohr
Paula Cassell
Ana Contreras
Theresa DeVeaux
Karen Fitzgerald
Anne Foley
Karen Hanrahan
Laura Kirk
Debra Kohlman-Trigoboff
Jan Nunnelee
Kathy Rich
Carolyn Robinson
Lily Thomson
Fernanda Trevisone

Board Liaison: Pam Mahaffey

Public Policy and Advocacy

Committee Strategic Priority: Monitor and respond to external forces that impact members and persons with vascular disease
Strategic Objectives: Develop a framework to monitor and respond to legislative, policy and social issues that impact the delivery of care;  Facilitate publications by vascular nurses on policy and advocacy issues

Committee Roster

Diana Bartash
Kendra Conlon
Kristen Desantis
Kathy Lind
Sandy Price

Board Liaison: Patty Flanagan

Research Grant Task Force

Task Force Strategic Priority: Promote vascular and vascular-related research through grant support
Task Force Strategic Objectives: Review and recommend applications for research grants

Task Force Roster

Chair: Laura Kirk
Members:Kathy Rich
Board Liaison: Kim Bartman

Guidelines Task Force

Task Force Strategic Priority: Provide current evidence-based vascular nursing clinical practice guidelines (CPG)

Task Force Roster

Chair: Kathy Rich
Nicole Bohr
Paula Cassell
Ana Contreras
Terry DeVeaux
Karen Fitzgerald
Anne Foley
Karen Hanrahan
Laura Kirk
Debra Kohlman-Trigoboff
Jan Nunnelee
Carolyn Robinson
Lily Thomson
Fernanda Trevisone
Diane Treat-Jacobson

Board Liaison: Kim Bartman

Social Media Task Force

Task Force Strategic Priority: Utilize social medial to expand SVN’s presence on the web and to promote SVN’s mission and vision.

Task Force Roster

Chair: Aubrey Harman

Board Liaison: Sharon Weinlein

Vascular Scope and Standards Task Force

Task Force Strategic Priority: Facilitate publications of vascular practice and research; Revise and promote publication of the 2nd edition of the Scope & Standards for Vascular Nursing Practice

Task Force Roster

Chair: Mary Sieggreen
Jennifer Bromeland
Catherine Brown
Cindi Christensen
Timothy McMurry
Michelle Tinkham
Polly Willis

Board Liaison: Debra Kohlmann-Trigoboff

Past Presidents Council

Strategic Priority: Support the mission, vision, and priorities of SVN through continued engagement with activities reflective of SVN’s core values.
Strategic Objectives: Mentor new leadership; Represent SVN in collaborative activities with national associations; Engage in membership recruitment efforts; Preserve history and support the celebration of SVN accomplishments

Phyllis Gordon, 2015-2016 SVN President

Past President Council Members

Theresa DeVeaux, RN, MS, ACNP, CV, CCRN
Maryland Vascular Center
Glen Burnie, MD

Debra Kohlman-Trigoboff, RN, MS, ACNP-BC, CVN
Duke Heart and Vascular
Durham, NC

Marge Lovell, RN, CCRC, CVN, BEd
London Health Science Center
London, Ontario Canada

Cindi Christensen, MSN, CVN, ARNP
Mobil Medical Professionals
Akeny, IA

Rita C. Clark, BSN, RN,CVN
Mayo Clinic
Rochester, MN

Jeanne E. Doyle, BS, RN
Vascular Clinical Research Nurse
Brigham & Women’s Hospital
Boston, MA

Mitzi A. Ekers, MS, ARNP, CVN
University of South Florida
College of Medicine
Tampa, FL

Jane C. Frasca, RN

Karen Fitzgerald (Bruni), MSN, RN, NP, CVN
Vascular Nurse Practitioner
Albany Medical Center
Albany, NY

Phyllis Gordon, MSN, APRN, ACNS-BC
UT Health Science Center
San Antonio, TX

Cynthia D. Lewis, MSN, RN
Surgical Clinical Nurse Specialist
St. Luke’s Medical Center
Milwaukee, WI

Patricia A. Lewis, MSN, RN, CVN
Family Nurse Practitioner
Bassett Healthcare
Cooperstown, NY

Patricia Matula, MSN, RNC
Quality and Clinical Research Administrator
Sacred Heart Hospital
Northhampton, PA

Janice D. Nunnelee, PhD, RN, CVN, ANP
Adult Nurse Practitioner

Carolyn Robinson, MSN, RN, CANP, CVN
Vascular Nurse Practitioner
Veterans Administration Hospital
Minneapolis, MN

Diane Treat-Jacobson, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing
University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

M. Eileen Walsh, PhD, RN, CVN
University of Toledo
Toledo, OH

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