SVN Founding Members

Front Row (Left To Right): Nancy Jasinkowski, Victora Fahey, Jackie Helt
Back Row (Left To Right): Sheila White-Flores, Patricia Baum, Jeanne Doyle, Patricia McGlone, Mitzi Ekers

The Society for Vascular Nursing was founded in 1982, with the initial meeting in June at the Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston, Massachusetts, to discuss establishing a society that would officially recognize vascular nursing as a specialty. It was originally incorporated as the Society for Peripheral Vascular Nursing (SPVN) in 1982 and renamed the Society for Vascular Nursing (SVN) in 1990.
The founding officers and Board of Trustees served to solidly validate vascular nursing as a unique specialty.


Jeanne E. Doyle (and first president of SVN)
Patricia Baum
Patricia McGlone
Mitzi Ekers
Victora Fahey
Jackie Helt
Nancy Jasinkowski
Sheila White Flores

1982 Medical Advisory Board and Charter Members

John Bergan, MD, Chicago, IL
Victor Berhnard, MD, Philadelphia, PA
Bruce Cutler, MD, Worcester, MA
Stephen Dosick, MD, Toledo, OH
William Evans, MD, Columbus, OH
Stephen Gale, MD, Toledo, OH
Anthony Imparato, MD, New York, NY
Frank LoGerfo, MD, Boston, MA
James Menzoian, MD, Boston, MA
Thomas Riles, MD, New York, NY
Jonathan Towne, MD, Milwaukee, WI
Bhagwan Satiani, MD, Columbus, OH
Frank Veith, MD, New York, NY
Blair Vermillion, MD, Columbus, OH
H. Brownell Wheeler, MD, Worcester, MA
Ralph Whelan, MD, Toledo, OH
James S. T. Yao, MD, Chicago, IL

Past Presidents

14-15     Terry DeVeaux, Glen Burnie, MD

13-14     Debra Kohlman-Trigoboff, Fayetteville, NC

12-13     Marjorie Lovell, London, Ontario, Canada

11-12     Cindi Christensen, Polk City, IA

10-11     Phyllis Gordon, San Antonio, TX

09-10     Rita Clark, Rochester, MN

08-09     Catherine Wiegand, Toledo, OH

07-08     Patricia Matula, Northhampton, PA

06-07     Diane Treat-Jacobson, Minneapolis, MN

05-06     Carolyn Robinson, Minneapolis, MN

04-05     Catherine Wiegand, Toledo, OH

03-04     Patricia A. Lewis, Cooperstown, NY

02-03     Marjorie Lovell, London, Ontario, Canada

01-02     Karen Bruni-Fitzgerald, Albany, NY

00-01     Ruth Edwards, Minnetonka, MN

99-00     Denise M. Fitzgerald, Rochester, NY

98-99     M. Eileen Walsh, Toledo, OH

97-98     Patricia Baum, Boston, MA

96-97     Cynthia D. Lewis, Milwaukee, WI

95-96     Joann Hatton, Beaver, PA

94-95     Jane C. Frasca, Boston MA

93-94     Janice D. Nunnelee, Manchester, MO

92-93     Mitzi A. Ekers, Tampa, FL

91-92     Janice D. Nunnelee, Manchester, MO

90-91     Sheila A. White, West Babylon, NY

89-90     Janice D. Nunnelee, Manchester, MO

88-89     Pamela Anstine-Bessenecker

87-88     Victora A. Fahey, Chicago, IL

86-87     Mitzi A. Ekers, Tampa, FL

82-85     Jeanne E. Doyle, Boston, MA

SVN Annual Conventions

2015    Las Vegas, NV
2014    San Antonio, TX
2013    Boston, MA
2012    Tucson, AZ, 30th Anniversary Celebration
2011    Nashville, TN
2010    New Orleans, LA
2009    Denver, CO
2008    San Diego, CA
2007    Baltimore, MD, 25th Anniversary Celebration
2006    Las Vegas, NV
2005    Cincinnati, OH
2004    Albuquerque, NM
2003    Philadelphia, PA
2002    Orlando, FL, 20th Anniversary Celebration
2001    Minneapolis, MN
2000    San Antonio, TX
1999    Las Vegas, NV
1998    Crystal City, VA (Washington, DC)
1997    Atlanta, GA
1996    New Orleans, LA
1995    Scottsdale, AZ
1994    St. Louis, MO
1993    Washington, DC
1992    Chicago, IL, 10th Anniversary Celebration
1991    Boston, MA
1990    Los Angeles, CA
1989    New York, NY
1988    Chicago, IL
1987    Toronto, ON
1986    New Orleans, LA
1985    Baltimore, MD
1984    Atlanta, GA
1983    San Francisco, CA

Jeanne E. Doyle Award Winners

2015    Cindi Christensen
2014    Cynthia Lewis
2013    Rita Clark
2012    Debra Kohlman-Trigoboff
2011    Katherine M. Ware
2010    Carolyn Robinson
2009    Melody Heffline
2008    Diane Treat‐Jacobson
2007    Glena Lawson
2006    Karen Bruni
2005    Patricia Lewis
2004    Robyn Strauss
2003    Deidre Wipke‐Tevis
2002    Dolores Poot
2001    Anne Aquila
2000    Marge Lovell
1999    Pat Matula
1998    Jennie Daugherty
1997    M. Eileen Walsh
1996    Denise Fitzgerald
1995    Mary Sieggreen
1994    Mitzi Ekers
1993    No Recipient
1992    Jan Nunnelee
1991    Myrna Karsten
1990    Vicki Fahey
1989    Cheryl Hubner
1988    Jackie Helt
1987    Jane Frasca