Vascular Nurses Week Proclamations

September SVN Step Challenge

Did you know that people who walk on a regular basis have increased muscle strength, higher energy levels and improved health and well-being? Walking even helps reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes and some cancers. Health professionals recommend walking at least 10,000 steps a day to achieve those benefits.

So, get ready to move, because September 2021 will be the first ever SVN Step Challenge to celebrate Vascular Nurses Week and PAD Awareness Month!

There are lots of ways to sneak more steps into your day. Take the stairs, walk at lunch or on your coffee break. Get off the subway a stop or two early. Have a walking meeting. Walk to your co-worker’s desk instead of sending an email. And walk your way to some amazing prizes!

How it Works

Each Friday in September, you will log your total steps walked that week (if you use a fitness tracking device, there’s no need to manually log your steps). Your name will be on the SVN Leaderboard, and the top 3 walkers by September 30th will win a prize!

To track your steps, you can use your own tracking device (Fitbit, Fuel band, Garmin, etc.,) the Challenge Runner app on your mobile phone, or Challenge Runner website to log your progress each week.

Sign-up Today!

Simply click the registration link or scan the QR Code on your phone to sign up for the Challenge Runner app—it’s free for SVN members!

Select a pre-existing team from the list, create a new team or participate as an individual! Get ready to move starting September 1st!

Vascular Nurses Week 2020

Thank you to all of our vascular nurses who submitted videos during the Vascular Nurses Week Social Media Challenge for Vascular Nurses Week 2020! Take a look at the submitted videos below.

Thank you to our nurses!

A Tribute to Vascular Nurses Around the World

Northwestern Medicine

Northwestern Medicine-ER

Washington Hospital Center

Walk it Out!

MWHC Compression Sock Challenge

MWHC Artery and Venous

Here are some ways to show your support for Vascular Nurses

  • Obtain a proclamation from the mayor of your town proclaiming National Vascular Nurses Week.
  • Develop a calendar of events
  • Plan to honor your colleagues with a recognition award (certificate or plaque)
  • Solicit nominations for a special recognition and present the nominee with a plaque during a reception or dinner
  • Plan a special celebration lunch to network with your colleagues
  • Design a special poster that highlights the role of the vascular nurse and display at local hospitals or libraries
  • Invite local government officials to planned events
  • Write articles or letters to the editor about current nursing or healthcare topics affecting patients with vascular diseases
  • Ask local radio stations to make announcements during National Vascular Nurses Week
  • Use TV, radio, and newspaper community bulletin boards to announce your activities
  • Host a fundraiser (e.g., walk-a-thon) and donate the money to the Judith Troyer Caudle Memorial fund
  • Order and distribute the SVN patient education booklets and tear off sheets

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Nursing Resources

Nursing Resources

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