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Andrew Whitters, DNP, ARNP, NP-C

Medtronic, Inc.

SVN Member since May 2015

  1. What is your personal background in vascular nursing (how long have you worked in the vascular field, did you practice something before, etc.)? I have been in the Vascular field as a nurse practitioner for approximately 10 years! I have thoroughly enjoyed previously being in a Vascular & Thoracic clinic helping to treat and evaluate patients with several types of vascular diseases. I was privileged to be in the operating room assisting my vascular surgeon colleagues. This gave me a wonderful opportunity to see the continuity of care from the clinic, to the operating room, recovery, discharge, and follow-up.Currently, I work for a medical device company helping to implement and innovate tools for case support and intervention.
  2. What is your favorite aspect of vascular nursing? My favorite thing about Vascular nursing is that there is so much to think about. Patients who suffer from vascular issues tend to have many comorbid issues, which can make them clinically vulnerable. The opportunity to contribute to their care, collaborate, and innovate is always there with this patient population.
  3. What is the most challenging part of your job as a vascular nurse? I would say that getting patients to understand the nature of their condition and the benefits of compliance is a major challenge and being a vascular nurse/nurse practitioner. However, if a nurse is able to show empathy and kindness during the nursing process, then this type of challenge is often mitigated with time.
  4. Have there been changes in your work force? How so? I would say the biggest change to the work environment is there tends to be an ongoing shortage of nurses in this field. This is also seen in the operating room theater, where there tend to be fewer nurses at the bedside during an intervention. This is a concerning trend for this patient population, which can affect patient outcomes.
  5. What are your personal goals within the vascular field (implement protocols, increase patient volume, research, societal involvement, etc.)?I have a strong interest in innovation and helping to implement and develop tools for care. I found a great fit in the current medical device company, for which I work and assist to provide case support and consultation for care.
  6. What is a “fun fact” about yourself that you would like others to know? It’s hard to nail down a singular fun fact, however, nursing has always been a part of my identity since being a cancer survivor during college. The nurses who took care of me as a cancer patient motivated me to become the nurse practitioner I am today. This experience has helped motivate me to be a founding member of a nursing podcast called Friends of Flo!