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The Jeanne E. Doyle Award

The highest honor given by the Society for Vascular Nursing which recognizes a member who demonstrates excellence in the area of vascular nursing research, education, or practice within his/her community, state, or nation.

Distinguished Service Award

Established in 1993 in recognition of outstanding leadership, participation, and contributions toward achieving the goals of SVN.

Clinical Excellence in Vascular Nursing-APRN or RN

The Award for Clinical Excellence in Vascular Nursing was established in 2008 to recognize a Registered Nurse for outstanding clinical skill and direct patient care delivery in the specialty area of Vascular Nursing. This recognition may be awarded to an Advanced Practice Registered Nurse and/or the RN holding a bachelors, associate or diploma nursing degree.

Janice D. Nunnelee Emeritus Membership Award

Recognizes a member’s long-term commitment and dedication to the Society for Vascular Nursing and its organizational goals and core values. The nominee must hold an active, current membership of at least 20 years in SVN. However, membership is not required to be continuous.

2019 Award Recipients

2019 Jeanne E. Doyle award to Phyllis Gordon


Joanna Bronson